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While there are numerous charities being promoted in our country in its battle against Covid-19 there are numerous other deserving local charities that don’t get much visibility and are at the frontlines of the battle.
Poker, now a recognized sport combines a mix of mind skills and patience. During the lockdown, it would only make sense for seasoned players to practice social distancing and take to the game online.
In going vocal for local, Team PokerHigh and Team Mamut Communications came up with a novel way of generating funds for local charities while poker players played their favorite sport in the comfort and safety of their homes.
Within 2 short weeks and with the help of an influencer campaign the initiative was launched in Bangalore and Chennai. Some of the key influencers for the 2 cities were Aviva Bidapa and Megha Kapoor for Team Bangalore and Cary Edwards and Sameea Bangera for Team Chennai.
Team Bangalore chose to support their charity CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) and Team Chennai supported Pudhiya Udhayam
Players were asked to log in to Pokerhigh and join their favorite team.
They could join either team using code - TeamMAA or TeamBLR
A 100% bonus was given to each player with a deposit of Rs.1000.
And that's it, Play!
The Initiative ran for 2 very exciting weeks and Rs. 2,11,228/- was generated for these deserving charities. The funds were effectively used for dry rations for over 500 families in Chennai and the feeding of 150 dogs for a month at the CUPA center.
As we moved on we added the third team - TeamKerala with key influencers Ranjini Haridas and Vineeth Mettayil.
Over the last 3 months, we have generated Rs. 12,47,406 in total for charity, just by playing Poker. And just in case you are wondering, PokerHigh does not take any money from players but a portion of their earnings are gladly given to these inspiring charities.
It’s heartening that we have used just our minds to touch so many lives.
30,000 (10,000+ Individuals) Families with dry rations, medical support, entrepreneurship support and shelter support through Pudhiya Udhayam
Food, shelter and medical support to over a 1000+ dogs at the CUPA shelter
10 International/National Level Medalists with nutrition and sports kits under the care of The Golden Goose Foundation
The feeding, care and hospital bills of over 150 dogs for three months and
The feeding of over 890 street dogs through Humanity for Animals.
Our aim to grow this campaign and take this PAN India. We are sure that there are like minded poker players out there who would love to support their teams and raise funds for charity during and even post the Covid-19 pandemic.
Stay tuned to our site or contact us should you wish to be part of this novel initiative.


Let’s get right into it!

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