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The Player Hunt Challenger Trophy Week 3

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A unique opportunity to feature on The Player Hunt Final Table, wherein a 'never seen before', you will find the Singha brothers- Rannvijay Singha and Harman Singha as commentators! All you have to do is play on your favorite category - Bronze (5/10 & below), Silver (10/25 - 25/50) & Gold (50/100 - 200/400) and collect Hunt coins as you play! A player with the maximum Hunt coins in each category will win a ticket to The Final Table with the Singha brothers.

See you at the tables?

Terms & Conditions

  • Promotion is exclusive to cash games only (Hold’em, PLO 4, 5 & 6).
  • The second leaderboard will start on 8th Feb at 5:30 AM & will end on 15th Feb at 5:29 AM.
  • Players can participate in their preferred stakes/categories: Bronze (5/10 & below), Silver (10/25 - 25/50) & Gold (50/100 - 200/400).
  • There will be only 1 player from each category for The Final Table Trophy. 1 from bronze, 1 from silver & 1 from gold in the 1st leaderboard. Total 3 will win the ticket to The Final Table Trophy.
  • The top 1 finisher/ranker from each category in the weekly leaderboard contests will get a ticket to The Final Table Trophy (the date of the event will be announced).
  • If the same player is featured in the 2 or more categories then the ticket for The Final Table Trophy will be given to the higher category. For eg: Player is on rank 1 in Silver & gold, he will get a ticket for being rank 1 in the Gold category.
  • Points are calculated for participants of public tables only. Private tables are not eligible for Leaderboard contention.
  • There will be 3 weekly leaderboards, top 3 players from each leaderboard (1 from bronze, 1 from silver & 1 from gold) will win a ticket for The Player Hunt Challenger Trophy. Total 9 players will feature & play the game.
  • Payouts will be credited after the promotion ends.
  • Terms and conditions can be changed without prior notice
  • In case of any conflict, PokerHigh’s decision will be final and binding.
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