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Daily High

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Daily Poker Tournaments

A Daily High Tournament a day, keeps those weekly blues away!

The ideal medicine for a long day at work. Away from the college / work calls, and the mundane everyday life.

What we have for you is a special, one of a kind promotion!

Get your daily high right here on pokerhigh.com. Scheduled every Monday – Friday, get a chance to put your mind to the test with weekly cash prizes of over 1 Crore!

The Daily High Tournament- Specifics

Type: Tournament

What’s it called: Daily High Tournaments

When – Every week: Monday – Friday – 8:00 pm & 9:30 pm

Cash Prizes: 1 Crore+

Buy-in: 880 onwards

So there you have it, something interesting to schedule in your calendar!

You’re welcome.

If you have a hectic weekday schedule. Do not worry. We have something in store for you over the weekend as well. Check out our Weekend High Tournaments page for more.

Terms and Conditions:

1. PokerHigh’s decision will be final and binding in case of any conflicts.

2. People who are aged 18 years and above are only allowed to take part in our tournaments/cash tables or promotions.

3. Every single contest, promotion, or tournament held on PokerHigh is under the sole purview of Inspiration Gaming Pvt Ltd. None of their affiliates or partners are in any way accountable or liable for this.

4. Poker will again reserve the authority to extend, cancel, abandon, withdraw, change, and modify any promotion/tournament or any part thereof at its discretion at any given point of time during its validity.

5. The participation in a promotion or a tournament will be treated as an unconditional acceptance by the participant to the applicable terms and conditions.

6. PokerHigh will again reserve the right to terminate any promotional offer at any given point of time, without prior notice or reason.

7. The decision of PokerHigh with respect to every aspect of a promotion or a tournament shall be treated as final and binding, and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

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