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At PokerHigh we have always strived to ensure that our highrollers are treated like royalty. No matter how high the stakes. And in doing so, we have something special for all our highrollers - THE IOPC GOT (Game of tickets). A chance to play at some of the most high profile events of a lifetime including:

IOPC The Millionaire United

IOPC The Millionaire Legends

IOPC Highroller

IOPC Super Highroller

and the coveted IOPC Main Event The Crown.

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All you need to do is go about your normal routine of playing on the Pokerhigh cash tables. The higher the stakes you play, the higher your chances of winning free tickets to these coveted events. And yes. All stakes are eligible for the GOT.

Wait not! Head over to your favorite PokerHigh cash table and soon you will be on your way to the Game of tickets!

IOPC GOT Begins from:

The Millionaire United : 21st Dec 9PM to 15th Jan 5:30PM  

The Crown: 21st Dec 11PM to 25th Jan 5:30PM

The Millionaire Legends: 22nd Dec 5PM to 23rd Jan 5:30PM

Highroller: 22nd Dec 6PM to 21st Jan 8:30PM

Super Highroller: 22nd Dec 7PM to 28th Jan 8:30PM

Some important information:

Terms and conditions:

1. Post flop hands with Min 3 active players will be eligible.

2. The Ticket can not be exchanged for Cash/Bonus or TM.

3. The GOT for IOPC will start from:

The Millionaire United : 21st Dec 9PM to 15th Jan 5:30PM

The Crown: 21st Dec 11PM to 25th Jan 5:30PM

*Rest of the details will be updated soon.

4. The tables which contain the name “IOPC - *Tournament Name* will only be eligible for this promotion.

5. Players need to generate the required amount of tokens to get a ticket.

6. Players need to Opt-in and play on the specified tables to earn tokens.

7. Payout will be done once the contest ends.

8. In case of any disputes, Spartan Poker's decision is final and binding

9. For Additional Terms & Conditions please refer to Legal terms and conditions.

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