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Quadnet Poker Network is India's largest poker network comprising of PokerHigh, Spartan Poker and Blitz Poker.
Following are the rules for the players playing on the Quadnet Poker Network.
1) A player can have only one account on the network.
2) If a player already has an account on the network and wishes to switch to another poker room on the network, the player can contact the support team to lock his current account and then can make new account in any of the poker rooms on the network. This feature can only be used once in 6 months.
3) A player cannot transfer balance when making new account on the network from the old account. Any balance in old account must be cashed out then moving to new account.
4) Player Transactions:
a. Cash outs and TDS: Cash outs for all players on the Quadnet Poker Network will be made by Quadrific Media Pvt Ltd. Cashouts for all players on the network are subject to withholding tax (TDS) as per applicable rates (i.e. 30% currently) which is submitted to the Indian tax authorities under section 194B of the Income Tax Act
b. Cash outs will be made on all Bank working days.
c. Cash outs from all the Network Partners will be added to calculate player's TDS liability.


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