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Pokerhigh – Play Real Money Online Poker in India

Welcome to PokerHigh, we are one of the most prolific online poker websites in India. We are an established brand in the online poker circuit where we are offering real cash games and tournaments to poker aficionados all over India. To start your experience: Download our app, avail your bonus and get in with round-the-clock cash poker games online action, and huge tournament guarantees. To enhance your gaming experience, we have a dedicated support team to guide you through your queries, a secure platform enabled with high levels of security for deposits to ensure fair play and quick cash-outs anytime, anywhere.



Play online poker games with Pokerhigh

PokerHigh is a real money online poker gaming platform in India. Choose from online poker games
Hold’em and PLO and compete with top players across India.

Legal Online Poker

We have dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s when it comes to our poker games being 100% legal.

Safe & Secure

All your payment transactions are protected and guaranteed by GoDaddy, the global leader in Cyber Security Solutions.

Seamless mobile Exprerience

Experience the pleasure to play wherever, whenever with our IOS/Android applications, available for all devices.

Winner Testimonials

" PokerHigh is my go-to gaming platform for poker. It's got a fantastic user interface, a variety of games, customer support, and a loyalty program that rewards you for playing. I feel secure and enjoy the competitive tournaments. PokerHigh is where I play with my best hands and make memories. Highly recommended! "

Jagpreet Singh Narula

" PokerHigh is a game-changer in the poker world. It's easy to use, offers a variety of games, and PokerHigh's Relationships Team is a winner. The platform's commitment to security is reassuring, and the tournaments are pure excitement. PokerHigh is where I've found my poker passion, and I can't get enough! "

Karam Bikram Singha

" As someone who has been playing poker for a long time, I can confidently say that the best poker experience awaits you on the Pokerhigh platform. The game selection is unparalleled, and the cash leaderboard provides an exciting opportunity to win big. I'm grateful to Pokerhigh for delivering such an incredible gaming experience. It's a game I love and play constantly. Thank you, Pokerhigh! "

Krishan Pal Singh Dhangar

" Hi, I'm Shubham Rasotra from Punjab. I have tried many poker platforms, but Poker High stands out as the best poker platform. I've been playing poker for about 5 or 6 years. Poker High is the best of all poker games. I like the Poker High app too much. It has a variety of games and offers, and their loyalty program is generous. The security of poker is top-notch. The game has a wide variety of tournaments. For me, Poker High is my top pick. And I like it too much. "

Shubham Rasotra

" I started playing on PokerHigh from oct-19 only. It has been a great experience till date. I have not experienced many RnG issues which we usually face on other sites. No high variance is the best part. Hope PokerHigh introduces a more high-value tournament in the future and uplift the brand in the poker community. "


" I have been playing poker from a long time, but the best poker experience is on poker high platform, and the best game to win in the cash leaderboard, thank you poker high for such an experience and I love the game and I play it constantly. "


" Amazing user experience and support! I have been playing on PokerHigh for almost a year now. I played on other platforms as well but PokerHigh's experience is no match to others plus its customer support and cash leaderboard promotions are way too impressive. Keep up the good work team. "


" I have been playing on Pokerhigh for over two years. There is always action on both the NLH & Omaha tables at stakes of your choice. The support team is friendly and extremely helpful with all queries being handled within a day or so. The cash withdrawal system is arguably the best at any Indian site. Above all, what I love most about PH is the software and UI of the PC app. "


" I have been playing on it is the best online poker gaming platform. It’s safe and secure. You get to win daily! The best part is the wide range of tournaments which gives pleasure in playing poker. I am high on poker on PokerHigh. "



How to play poker games online?

A quick start option is available on most online poker sites, which is beneficial to beginners. Type in the game you want to play, the stakes you want to play at, and the number of players you want to play against, and then press the play button. You’ll be seated at the game of your choice right away.

Can you win money online poker?

You are not alone if you want to make money by playing online poker with online casino sites. Poker has become one of the most popular games. Anyone who is clever and understands their way around the game has a decent chance of earning huge cash.

Is online poker harder than live?
Online poker is assumed to be more difficult than live poker. The ability to multi-table and play more hands each hour, as well as all of the tracking tools available, provides online players with a wealth of knowledge to aid in their improvement, making the general playing field more difficult to defeat.
How to win in poker online?
Here are a few tips which can help you to improve your game:
a) Choose Your Starting Poker Hand Rankings Carefully,
b) Learn to Bluff,
c) Understand Hand Rankings and Odds,
d) Protect Your Blinds,
e) Don’t Be Afraid to Fold, and
f) Know your Sitting Position at the Table.
Can we play poker online in India?
Even though online poker’s legal status in India is unclear, players must pay a 30% income tax on any earnings above 10,000 rupees. Unlike gambling-specific legislation, tax limits apply across the country.


At, we’re all about raising the game – not just yours, but ours too!
The guys in charge don’t just know their stuff, they live and breathe it. No unwanted frills, is a 24×7 seamless online poker experience.