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Games Certification




As a Network Partner with Omnibay Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Network Provider”), we pride ourselves on the high standards for the software used, and can confidently state that it is the best in the world. The software is designed in a way that all in-game events such as shuffling and dealing of cards are completely random, thanks to our highly sophisticated Random Number Generator (RNG).

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. That is why the online poker RNG has been certified by Australia based iTech Labs.


The RNG, used on PokerHigh online poker platform, was tested by iTech Labs with a view to finding and specifying system weaknesses and potential issues of mismatch with the technical specifications submitted by PokerHigh as well as generally accepted industry standards for RNG software used in online poker.

For this purpose, the due process for the evaluation of PokerHigh RNG included the following:

General RNG Analysis

Scrutiny of submitted documentation

Examining the source code

Theoretical Mathematical Analysis

Assessing RNG period and range

Analysis of Seeding/ Re-seeding

Checking Background Cycling/ Activity

Data Acquisition

Battery of Statistical tests (DIEHARD Testing)

Distribution testing

These tests were successfully completed by iTech Labs on the software RNG used by PokerHigh, which the software passed with flying colors.