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Justice Mudgal Texas Hold ‘em Championship


PokerHigh is hosting an online Texas Hold ‘em lawyer’s tournament called the “Justice Mudgal Texas Hold ‘Em Championship” on 15 September 2019 and has committed to donate 100% of its profit for a social cause to [Romil Seva Sanstha].

Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular variant of the mind sport of poker, and is taught at leading national & international institutes including MIT & IIMK. The skill set one requires to become good at it primarily includes knowledge of psychology, statistics, probability & strategy. In the Indian context, it has been picking up steam as the go-to mind sport for people belonging to intellectual domains such as law. Poker has also been attracting a lot of national attention, with the President of India having recently honoured Muskan Sethi, a leading poker player, with the coveted ‘Women’s Achievers Award’. Furthermore, Vishwanathan Anand, as part of his association with a Poker League that was televised on national TV, also compared the skill set required in poker to that of chess.

The Justice Mudgal Championship is providing an opportunity to the entire legal fraternity to compete against one another and unify for a social cause. The Justice Mudgal Championship would have Advocates, In-House Counsels, Interns, Students compete on one level playing field, by playing a game of skill.

The series of tournaments in the Justice Mudgal Texas Hold ‘Em Championship are scheduled to begin next week with the first qualifying tournament on 6th September. Participating members of the legal fraternity can proceed to the main tournament scheduled for 15th September by beating other participants based on skill levels. Players can alternatively register by way of registration fee for the main tournament on the online platform which carries a top prize of 1 lakh rupees and the inaugural Justice Mudgal Trophy.

All proceeds from the tournament conducted by the four-year old licensed online poker website shall be donated to [Romil Seva Sanstha], a legal charity chosen by Justice Mudgal, who is currently serving as the head of the FIFA Governance Committee and Review Committee. Notably, his son, Dhaval, is one of the most renowned and celebrated professional poker players of the country.


Let’s get right into it!

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