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How to Play Open Face Chinese Poker,  Poker High

Open Face Chinese Poker- An introduction.

Open-face Chinese poker (OFC) has matured from closed-face (“regular”) Chinese poker, but then you don’t really need to know the rules or strategies of regular Chinese poker to try your hand at OFC.

05 Feb 2021

What is Poker Rake?

The fee charged on cash games is known as the Pot Rake. The player must go till the flop for the hand to qualify for a rake.

05 Feb 2021

Understanding Poker Tells

Poker is a game that’s based on available information. We can never know for sure how good or bad our opponent’s hand is, usually until it’s too late

28 Jan 2021
Play Cards Online | How to Play 4 Card Poker online,  PokerHigh

4 Card Poker- Everything you need to know

Poker is a thrilling game, but 4 Card Poker takes it up another notch. Here is the complete guide to 4 card Poker

28 Jan 2021

Everything there is to Know about 6-Card Omaha Games on PokerHigh

Here is a quick guide on 6 card PLO to help you better your game

28 Jan 2021
Poker Movies Every Poker Lover Should Watch

Poker Movies every poker lover should watch!

If you call yourself a Poker Lover, watch out for these movies as your love for poker is incomplete without these masterpieces.

18 Nov 2020
Justice Mudgal Texas Hold ‘em Championship


Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular variant of the mind sport of poker, and is taught at leading national & international institutes including MIT & IIMK

11 Oct 2019
How to Become a Professional Poker Player

Becoming a Professional Poker Player

You think you have what it takes to go all pro in the field of poker? There’s a list of things you should consider before diving into the glamorous world of becoming a professional poker player.

11 Oct 2019
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