Everything there is to Know about 6-Card Omaha Games on PokerHigh

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Everything there is to Know about 6-Card Omaha Games on PokerHigh

Six Card PLO is the next big thing in town- and you have Six Card Pot Omaha which available to play online on PokerHigh!!

PokerHigh has initiated with spreading the game variant on its website and for App clients from the mini stakes of $0.05/0.10 up to $50/$100.

This is the newest variant that PokerHigh has brought on their platform for you, after variants such as Open Face Chinese, 4 Card PLO and 5 Card PLO. so let’s give you a primer on 6 card Omaha.

How Does Six Card Omaha works?

The only difference you will have from “normal” Omaha is the total number of hole cards dealt to each person. The prime rule to be followed is that a player must use two cards from their hand, along with three dealt on the board, remains the same. In Six Card Omaha it’s preeminent that you must use two of your six hole cards with three of the community cards from the board in order to make your hand.

How PreFlop equity should be observed in 6 Card Omaha?

Best starting hands for Six Card Omaha :

As we know that In four-card Omaha, we have six possible two-card pairs to make our best poker hand. In Big O’ this rises up to ten pairs. Nevertheless, in 6 Card Omaha, we have a potential of 15 starting hand pairs across our starting six hands.

This means that you should be keeping an eye out for more than just suited aces or kings in our starting hand. We need to make sure that we have as many flush and straight combinations as possible, but simultaneously ensure that we can be drawing to the nuts as often as possible. Why, then just read one!


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Playing the Flop in Six Card Omaha

You cannot be absolutely sure about how strong your starting hand is until the flop opens. This is because 6 Card Omaha is purely a flop-driven game. You should be looking for hands that can easily form the absolute nuts for you, hence, the more harmonised your hand is pre-flop, increases the potential you have to create the best hand.

The more your cards work together to make a straight, flush, and full house hands, the better. You should be able to analyze these opportunities once you’ve reached the flop.

Get out of the way four-card Omaha, Six Card Omaha is here!

What’s a Dangler in Six Card Omaha?

In 4 card Omaha, we look for all four of our cards to work together and complement each other. Take for instance- We have double-suited aces, with two flush draws to go with them. We also have and which can possibly make straights.

A “dangler” is basically a hand that does not do this and is unassociated to the rest of your hole cards. You should be aware of these when we choose our starting hands, because more often than not we might have to play a 6 Card Omaha hand with a dangler on us. And If you don’t, and keep waiting for the “best hand” then you would barely enter any pots at all. Just be careful and avoid completely uncoordinated hands.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to PokerHigh now to become the first to play Six Card Omaha