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General FAQ’s

Q. How do I install the new application for the game?

A: Click the Download button on your browser to install the app on your platform of choice.

Q. Can I get a step-by-step download guide for my device?

A: Go to the Android App page & follow the step by step guide.
Go to the IOS app page & follow the steps.

Q. What do I do with my existing PokerHigh applications on my desktop/mobile?

A: After you have downloaded and installed the new and upgraded PokerHigh apps on your device of choice, you can proceed to uninstall the old application(s).

Q. What happened to my login credentials on PokerHigh?

A. Your login credentials have been securely migrated to our new technology platform. You can proceed to login using your old password. In case you don’t remember your user ID or password, please reach out to us at

Q. Do I need to change my account password?

A. We recommend users to change their passwords periodically. However, with our high levels of security, your information will always be secure with multi-layered protection.

Q. What is the New TDS Policy?

A. With effect from 14th November, our TDS policy has been updated. Please refer to the TDS Policy tab to get more information.

Q. What happened to my real money balance on PokerHigh?

A. Your balance has been securely transferred to our new tech. In case of any discrepancy/doubt, please feel free to reach out at

Q. How do I get my TDS Certificates?

A. You can reach us at our support email ID ( to check the status on your pending TDS certificates if any.

Q. I had tournament tickets in my account. What will happen to them?

A. You can reach us at with your username for resolution.